Artisan Bath Bombs
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These bath bombs are individually handcrafted to order using the most luxurious ingredients I can get my hands on! Himalayan pink sea salt, dead sea salt, coconut milk powder, honey powder, therapeutic grade lavender buds and colloidal oatmeal. Drop one in the tub and relax for the ultimate papering experience fit for a queen! Made with skin loving oils that absorb quickly and leave the scent lingering on your beautifully soft skin. 



Ingredients: Sodium Bicarbonate, Citric Acid, Olive oil, Cocoa butter, kaolin clay, coconut milk powder.

May contain: Himalayan pink salt, dead sea salt, Honey powder, colloidal oatmeal, lavender buds, calendula petals.

Approx 7.5 oz

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Artisan Bath Bombs

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